The Stichting International Festivals for Creative Application of Technology Foundation (IFCAT) facilitates the organizing of the quadrennial Dutch hacker camps. Currently this is SHA2017.

Why? Hackers improve the world through technology. We believe that hacker camps help strengthening the community: it’s a good time, gives energy, fostering new ideas and projects.

IFCAT supports the organization of the dutch hacker camps in the following ways:

  • Bringing together and supporting volunteers
  • Entering into legal agreements
  • Management and accountability of finances (such as budgeting)
  • Keeping overview of progress and health of the event and people associated

Foundation information

  • Name: Stichting International Festivals for Creative Application of Technology Foundation
  • Postal address: Graan voor Visch 18515, 2132 GW, Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
  • Bank account (IBAN): NL42 RABO 0166 8900 30
  • Bank Location: Rabobank Rijn en Heuvelrug
  • KVK / Dutch chamber of commerce number: 54030498
  • Dutch VAT number: NL851125049B01

Board as of May 2017:

  • Elger Jonker, Stitch (Chairman)
  • Attilla de Groot, Attilla (Treasurer)
  • Julius ter Pelkwijk, mr_seeker (Secretary)
  • Eelco Hotting, Eelco (General board member)

The board currently has two vacancies for general board membership. To apply, send an e-mail to board@ifcat.org.

Above people are also reachable on IRC (sometimes). Visit #sha2017 on FreeNode.

IFCAT History

The IFCAT foundation was founded in 2011 as a legal vehicle for OHM2013.

After the OHM2013 event the role of IFCAT changed to search for a new group to organize the 2017 event.

In 2016 a new group of organizers formally took on the role of leading the 2017 event and managing the IFCAT foundation.